Hi, we’re the Two Dickinson Street Co-op, affectionately known as 2D and Twod. We are Princeton University’s vegetarian co-op, located at #2 Dickinson St. We cook and serve dinners at 6:30 pm every day of the week.

2D in a few words:
– vegetarian co-op with 20 something omnivores, 20 something vegetarians, 7-ish vegans, 41 undergraduates, 7 grads, artists, slackliners, some really fantastic bread-makers, and all sorts of other cool people,
– the only co-op with its own house, great for playing board games, jammin’, eating on the porch, and just hanging out,
– 7 dinners a week + 2 brunches + leftovers, ingredients and other snacks for breakfast and lunch, all for $600 a semester,
– cook once a week with 3-5 others, no experience necessary!!
– amazing,
– awesome,
– but no words can actually do it justice so you should sign up to come for a meal here: http://goo.gl/forms/wPp7LUEFKu

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